13Hz Thirteen Hertz Sound System
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About Us

これまで客演にカレー屋のネパール人、クラブのスタッフ、HIPHOP DJ、アブラゼミ、ツクツクボウシなどを迎えている。

13Hz is a group of Japanese sound systems. Formed in 2008. In the summer I left a yellow green speaker on the beach and I kept going through all the weekend. I make my own speaker, I make my own musical instruments from track making, PV shooting / editing, full producer of artist, freestyle battle and reggae The event organized, the artist's logo design and event creation of the event flyer has continued general activities related to music. Members are FUTOSHI, yopiii, DYMZ, Mizuno, HEICHOP. 13 Hz produces about two songs per year, tailoring non-experienced civilians and insects as rappers, reggae DJs and singers in customer acting. Up to now he has greeted guests with Nepalese curry shops, club staff, HIPHOP DJ, Abra Zemi, Tsukutsukubo etc. Also the songs of Jack Chicken Shop and Motorcycle Shop owner are full deuces. Besides music, she also produces accessories and produces shops.
13Hz SOUND SYSTEM Since 2008